Your Trainers

Joe Segar
Joe Segar

Joe became enthralled with martial arts during the 70’s Bruce Lee boom. He learnt elements of Aikido and Chinese Kickboxing before commencing his training in Wing Tchun in December 1990.

Joe opened the Godalming club in September 1994, he competed in several full contact competitions during 1994-96 where he demonstrated an enduring and tenacious spirit. Has also given study time to the major grappling arts as well as boxing and modern combat.

A big advocate of Sport Fighting and has coached a number of successful students from Godalming in this area.

Joe is well versed in personal safety training and self protection. He has combined his security management experience with the psychology of conflict, to make this his primary area of expertise.

Joe places great emphasis on attitude, conditioning, skills and tactics at this friendly training centre

Chris Goodman
Kris Goodman

Kris is an experienced endurance athlete who has been competing for over thirty years. As a personal trainer he specialises in endurance performance coaching, enabling his clients to reach their potential.

Kris absolutely loves bodyweight and resistance exercises which have a functional value (are of benefit to you in everyday life).

Kris is a kettlebell instructor and leads group fitness classes in the Guildford area.

Kris is a mindfulness and mediation instructor and can assist in managing stress.